Another PGA Village Home Sold And Closed


Another smooth deal screwed up at the end by an out of area/internet lender that requested a last-minute document, less than 24 hours before closing sending everything in a tailspin and causing a late afternoon closing and no funding authorization until the next day. Well, what did they care, they were not present to deal with the situation. LUCKY the clients were not planning on moving in on the closing day but it still caused a lot of unnecessary stress for my clients. Thanks to the collaboration of "My Team" Justina Certain and
Jodi Castoro
of Home Partners Title, our amazing contract to close coordinator Jami Pitner and myself, we were able to keep the pressure on the lender and get it funded and closed by this morning. Although it's closed and over I'm still frustrated that it ended the way it did. As a real estate professional, I try VERY hard to create the best customer experience possible but unfortunately, I can not control the integrity and professionalism of everyone else involved in a real estate transaction, especially when I did not recommend them.

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